Registering for Classes

New Student / New Program Registration

Registration instructions for students who have applied to Hawkeye and have been accepted.

Accepted to a Future Semester

If you have been accepted to a future semester, but wish to take pre-coursework while waiting to get into your program, contact the Admissions office to activate the appropriate pre-program.

Step 1

Log-In to My Hawkeye

My Hawkeye is your online access to personal college information. You will receive directions with your acceptance letter on how to set up your account. It is also where you will access your Hawkeye email.

It is very important that you login to your My Hawkeye account as soon as possible. This is where you will receive your invitation to your orientation and registration session, information on your financial aid award, and much more.

We recommend you login to My Hawkeye at least once a week to check for emails and notifications as many items are time sensitive.

If you need assistance, call the Student Tutoring and Computer Lab.

Step 2

Attend MORE to Register for Classes

To register, you must sign up for and attend an on-campus MORE (Mandatory Orientation and Registration Experience) session.

You will receive an email to your Hawkeye email address on how to sign up for a MORE session. If you need assistance, contact Student Services.

Semester your program starts: MORE sessions are held: Check your Hawkeye email for your invitation:
Fall April–August at the end of March
Spring November–January at the end of October
Summer April–May at the end of March

Failure to attend an on-campus MORE session can result in the following:

  • You will be unable to register for classes.

  • Your admissions application to your program will be made inactive, meaning you will no longer have a seat reserved in your program of study.

  • Your start term may be delayed.

Step 3


Each credit for which you register, your Student Account will be charged the current tuition and fee rate.

Non-payment or non-attendance does not withdraw you from your course(s).

You are responsible for payment for each course for which you register.

There are several ways for you to pay your Hawkeye bill.

View Hawkeye's tuition refund policy.

Step 4

Buy Books

Visit the Hawkeye Bookstore to:

  • Look up the textbooks you will need for each of your classes.

  • Buy used and new textbooks in-store or online.

If you applied for and have been awarded financial aid and have registered for classes, you can charge your books to your student account for a period of time at the beginning of the semester. See the Bookstore – Methods of Payment for more information.

Step 5

Attend Your Classes

It is very important for you to attend class beginning the first day.

Non-attendance and non-payment does not withdraw you from your course(s). If your plans change and you no longer wish to take the course(s) for which you have registered, you must officially withdraw from the course to avoid being charged.

You must attend class to receive your financial aid award and disbursement.

If you are reported as not attending, the course credit hours cannot be included in your financial aid award package. The lesser number of credits may reduce the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive and your award  package will be adjusted accordingly.

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