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Honors Programs

The Honors programs consists of two components: xxx924 Honors Project and xxx926 Honors Seminar.

Honors Project (xxx924)

Credits: 1

The Honors Project course provides an opportunity for honors students to work/study on an individual basis with a faculty member.

The topic or focus of the project is negotiated between the student and supervising faculty member.

The prefix (xxx) is replaced with the desired discipline prefix (as in PSY 924, NUR 924, etc.).

These honors projects are very flexible by their nature in that they may be:

  • undertaken within one’s major or not,
  • repeated,
  • an add-on to an existing, or
  • completely outside the course offerings.

The project may be:

  1. a research project,
  2. a service learning experience, or
  3. a project within the Phi Theta Kappa yearly honors themes.

Format (and final structure) of honors projects is deliberately left open to foster creativity and adaptability to discipline needs.

The final product of the Honors Project could be a:

  • paper,
  • written report of experience,
  • literature review,
  • research paper,
  • art pieces,
  • musical composition,
  • web page designs,
  • action project,
  • social science survey,
  • group study session report,
  • etc.

Honors projects can be undertaken in both Technical division or Arts and Science division.

Honors projects are modular in that they may be extended to a second semester.

Honors projects are eligible to be undertaken in any term (full 16-week, second eight week term, summer, and Minimester).

Honors Seminar (xxx926)

Credits: 3

The Honors Seminar takes place in a traditional classroom setting. The course allows intensive study of a broad topic of interest selected by a faculty member as approved by the Honors Committee and provides greater depth, breadth, and opportunities for engagement than many standard courses.

Study Abroad Honors Seminar Opportunity

Gain valuable experience and lifelong relationships through this innovative course in which you’ll interact with students from Russia through video and audio conferences, and social media. Students will also have an opportunity to travel to Russia as part of this course.

Learn more about the Study Abroad in Russia Honors Seminar.

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