College Credit Courses

Course Format Descriptions

Traditional Face-to-Face Course

In a face-to-face course 100% of the course is conducted in the traditional classroom/lab with an instructor. A face-to-face course could include a limited amount of online material such as assignments, discussion, or testing.

Hybrid Course

In a hybrid course, also know as a blended learning course, approximately 50% of the course is conducted online and 50% in a traditional classroom/lab or face-to-face with an instructor.

Examples include:

  • a science class which has assignments and/or discussion and testing online but lab experiences are face-to-face in the classroom.

  • a history course might have readings, assignments, and testing online while discussion and some lecture takes place in a classroom.

  • a speech course might have readings, discussion, assignments and testing online while discussion, lecture, and speeches/presentations are given in a classroom.

Web/Online Course

In a web or online course 100% of the course is conducted online and does not meet in person.

Typical online content could include

  • individual or group activities
  • discussions
  • presentations
  • testing *

* Some courses may require testing to be done in a supervised setting.

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